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The Operations Transformation Program

Elevate Your Career with a Diploma!

Get ready to excel in your management career with the online Operations Transformation Program that provides a nationally recognised qualification in Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420).

With a focus on the fundamentals and applications of business improvement theory, this program has been successfully deployed in over 40 Transformations worldwide.

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Clients we have worked with

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Our graduates go onto
roles like

Business Improvement Manager

Transformation Manager

Principal Improvement

Head of Continous Improvement

Business Improvement



Head of Continuous

& many more jobs like Improvement Consultant, Project Manager, Operations Manager and Business Analyst.

Everything about the program you want to know

Operation Transformations are designed to boost your organisation’s performance by increasing revenue, lowering operating costs, improving quality, and enhancing workforce productivity.

The program includes an introduction to key concepts, tools, and frameworks essential for leading and managing effective operations transformations. This isn’t an ordinary technical training program, but rather a comprehensive exploration of theories and practices designed to deliver maximum impact within minimal time.

Introduction to Operations Transformation
Understand core concepts, the importance of productivity, self-understanding, and leadership expectations.

Flick the Switch: The Importance of Mindset
Learn about different mindsets, how to change them at an organisational level, and develop grit and perseverance.

Building High-Performance Habits
Discover how habits create and sustain operational discipline, and the relationship between habits and profitability.

Structure Your Communications
Learn effective communication strategies, how to design communication plans, and how to engage various stakeholders.

Lead and Keep the ‘A’ Team
Learn how to identify, lead, and retain your ‘A’ team to ensure successful transformations.

Learn to Solve Problems
Gain an introduction to problem-solving methodologies, Lean Management, and 5S, and explore a case study on improving profitability.

Do the Right Work, Work the Right Way
Understand the importance of prioritisation, running effective meetings, and building an effective work plan.

Diagnose the Organisation
Learn how to conduct a successful diagnostic and build a transformation roadmap.

Deliver the Transformation
Understand the complete transformation process, from setting up the Transformation office to flawless execution.

For more information Download Course Guide.

Curious & ambitious individuals who want to transform their organisation and further advance their careers. People who have taken this training before include:
  • Engineers and Managers looking to transition into Business Improvement roles.
  • Line Managers who want to effectively and sustainably transform their operations.
  • Professionals looking to get into the Management Consulting industry.
  • Existing Business Coaches and Consultants looking to expand their Toolkit and offerings.

Online learning will provide you with both the flexibility and the convenience to make the learning experience relevant for you. You can complete the qualification from anywhere in the world, when it suits you and at your own pace.

You are expected to complete the program including earning a qualification in 9 months.

Studying online doesn’t mean studying alone. You will have the ability to interact where you can post your questions and share your experiences, as well as attend live and interactive monthly webinars.

Option 1:
Receive a discount by making a full payment upfront. The total fee is $4,999.

Option 2:
We also offer a Buy Now Pay Later option with Bizpay – Pay in four monthly installments.

Do not forget: Your employer may be able to sponsor your education. Additionally, a favourable portion of your investment could be claimed in your tax return (please confirm).

Nationally Recognised Qualification
In collaboration with KnowledgeAccess RTO #40961 you will earn a Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420)

Real-World Learning
Our program focuses on real-world tools and frameworks, ensuring practical knowledge that you can directly apply at your workplace.

Exclusive Access
You’ll gain access to world-class surveys, trackers, tools, and frameworks, along with an invitation to our exclusive Operations Transformation group.

Mentoring Sessions & Webinars
Enjoy 3 x 30min one-on-one mentoring sessions and access to our monthly live webinars.

What is a Nationally Recognised Qualification?
A Nationally Recognised Qualification is a qualification that has been issued in Australia by an RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

In the vocational education and training (VET) sector, qualifications are awarded when a person has satisfied all requirements of the units of competency or modules that comprise an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification, as specified by a nationally endorsed Training Package or an accredited course that provides training for that qualification.

What are the benefits of a Nationally Recognised Qualification?
Once you have acquired a Nationally Recognised Qualification, it shows that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform well in your chosen field. It is also convenient to have within your resume when seeking new employment as it shows your potential employer that you can perform to a nationally recognised standard.

What does competency mean?
The consistent application of knowledge and skill to the standard of performance required in the workplace. It embodies the ability to transfer and apply skills and knowledge to new situations and environments.

What is an RTO?
A state or territory registers an RTO and accrediting body to deliver training, conduct assessments, and issue Nationally Recognised Qualifications under the Australian Quality Training Framework. RTOs include TAFE colleges and institutes, adult and community education providers, private providers, community organisations, schools, higher education institutions, commercial and enterprise training providers, industry bodies and other organisations meeting the registration requirements.

Is KnowledgeAccess an RTO?
Yes, KnowledgeAccess is a Registered Training Organisation, #40961. Full details of our registration can be found here.

Is prior industry experience required?
You must have experience in the industry which relates to your qualification. Also, as part of your body of evidence, you must have workplace-based proof about your relevant industry.

Can I use any of my current qualifications for RPL?
If you already have a Nationally Recognised Qualification or Statement of Attainment, there is the possibility that you could be eligible for a Credit Transfer. If some of the Units of Competency in your current NRQ or SOA are the same as the units in the qualification you are looking for, you are already deemed competent for those units.

What method do I use for supplying evidence?
There are a couple of ways to supply us with your evidence. You can email us, even in a series of emails, if need be, depending on the quantity you are providing, or you can Dropbox us, and we can work with you to set one up between us. Otherwise, you can put your evidence onto a USB stick/flash drive and post it to us, or you can mail hard copies, too, if need be. Please be aware that this will take a little longer as the appropriate documents need to be scanned into the system, and we will post the evidence back to you.

With our Operations Transformation Program, you’re not just gaining a diploma – you’re accessing a wealth of knowledge, strategies, tools, and networks that will transform the way you lead and manage operations. Don’t wait for the next intake – the future of your career starts today.

To learn more or to get started, get in touch with our team today. Experience the Consultya advantage, and lead the transformation tomorrow.

What our Program Offers

With a focus on the fundamentals and applications of business improvement theory, this program has been successfully deployed in over 40 Transformations worldwide.


9 months


Study Online


BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management

How is Our Training different?

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    Flexible Payment Options
    Just For You

    Enjoy the benefits of hassle-free payments and secure your place by paying your full fees upfront, ensuring a seamless enrollment process and peace of mind.

    You can pay for our program in four parts instead of all at once, using payment gateway called Bizpay.

    This means that you should ask your employer to pay for or support your training for this program. By getting your employer to sponsor your training, you can gain new skills and become more valuable to the company, which can lead to better job opportunities and higher pay.

    StudyAssist provides information about eligibility for government funding for education. One can check their eligibility for funding by accessing the website.

    Consult your accountant to determine if you can declare course expenses on your tax return.

    What our clients are saying

    Get ready to excel in your management career with the online Operations Transformation Program that provides a nationally recognised qualification in Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420).

    “Ahmed is able to identify what really matters and does not waste time on non sensical activities. He is also able to help the team to focus on what matters must and synthesising that into a good comprehensive story.”

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